Your Pet's Health,
Our Passion

Your Pet's Health,
Our Passion

Where Love Meets Veterinary Excellence

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Your Pet's Health,
Our Passion

Where Love Meets Veterinary Excellence

A letter to the furparents

When talking about furbabies, what come to your mind first ? His cuteness and naughty character, or every wonderful moment spent with you day and night? Compare with humans, the lifespan of a pet is very short, only 10-15 years. From the moment you own him , he has become your family and most loyal partner. He will spend his short life to accompany you and always run eagerly to your arm, listen quietly to you, and heal you with his cuteness blow all stress away. Read more...


24/7 Emergency Service

Pet ambulance with

vet on board

Pet grooming & spa center

What make us sand out to shine?

Professional medical consultation, diagnosis and treatment services

Top pet medical diagnostic and treatment equipment in the Philippines

International standard anesthesia and surgical aseptic procedures

Provide a spacious, clean and comfortable environment

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We care about animals and we will not let your pet miss the best timing,  We accept walk-ins and emergency

services. You can also inquire through social media. We are open every day to protect your baby.

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6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Mondays to Sundays

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